Bedtime Tales: Unleashing Imagination Under the Moon!

Bedtime story recommendations from Kidly

Get ready to embark on a magical journey where imagination knows no bounds and dreams come alive!

In this starlit sky, we’ll dive headfirst into the extraordinary benefits of reading to your little ones before they embark on their dreamland adventures. 🚀

Join us on this celestial adventure as we uncover the secrets of bedtime reading and unlock the limitless potential that lies within each storybook page. Together, let’s nurture young minds, inspire dreams, and create a legacy of bedtime tales that will resonate in the hearts of your children forever!

So fluff those pillows and prepare to witness the incredible power of storytelling! 🌙

3 positive benefits of reading bedtime stories to kids

A routine of reading before bedtime supports children’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

Reading books to children is one of the best gifts you can give to them as parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents read aloud to their children from the moment they are born. Research shows that reading aloud regularly to your kids, helps children develop basic listening skills. Listening skills are a facilitating strength for children in many life experiences, ranging from friendships to academic life.

How about discovering the overall benefits of reading bedtime stories to your child and reviewing the bedtime books we recommend for you?

1- Helps ease the transition to sleep
The act of reading a book every night before going to sleep is an important part of a routine that eases the transition to sleep. Pre-sleep activities such as a warm bath, a pajama-wearing session, and brushing teeth, followed by bedtime stories help children relax and fall asleep more easily. The sleep quality of a child who is physically and mentally relaxed will also increase.

2- Reduces stress levels
Reading books to children before sleep is also an activity that helps to reduce the stress accumulated during the day. A good bedtime story can be a pleasant way for the child to leave the exhausting day behind and prepare for a new one.

3- Boosts bonding
The time spent in bed before sleep is perhaps the calmest time of the day. During this time, both parent and child can focus on each other more easily, free of external stimuli, and have a strong bonding time. A bedtime book shared with the child is the perfect opportunity to cuddle, bond, and create sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the most enjoyable activities with children is bedtime reading – not only because of the physical intimacy but also because bedtime is the most unhurried time children spend with their parents. This makes it easier to focus and bond.

Dr. Barry Zuckerman

Professor of Pediatrics at Boston University

3 bedtime story recommendations from Kidly

We have selected 3 stories for you from Kidly’s rich library with an eye-soothing color palette, and relaxing content that helps ease the transition to sleep.

Lolly’s Sleepy Soup

Lolly can’t get to sleep. Perhaps you’d like to try her sleepy soup too? The recipe is so easy–a fluffy pillow, a puffy blanket!

Flamina Flamingo is Sleeping

Flamina is so tired she simply can’t sleep. Fortunately, Grandma Flamingo knows exercises that will help her relax her long neck and legs.

Stellar Dreams

Stellar Dreams, part of Petra Šuštar’s series of meditation books that are loved all over the world, invites you to visit the relaxing world of dreams and lights in the night sky!