Stress-Free Vacation Journey with Kids

5 Tips that will make your journey time fly!

All the suitcases are packed, the car is loaded, and you even remembered to bring your sun hats just as you were about to walk out the door! You are all set!

But are you truly ready?

As you prepare to embark on a wonderful vacation together, it’s essential to be mentally prepared beyond just having your bags packed.

The key to a smooth journey for everyone lies in your ability to fully enjoy the moments you share together. And this means engaging in plenty of conversations and playing lots of games!

5 Tips to Start Your Vacation on the Road

1- Plan Rest Stops Ahead
To help your child better understand the journey ahead and reduce those constant “Are we there yet?” questions, plan your rest stops in advance and share them with your child. Before the trip, try drawing a simple map together and mark the rest stops. This way, your child can feel more involved in the journey itself!

2- Play “I Spy”
The classic “I Spy” game is a perfect option for the road. It’s a fun word game to play while enjoying the view from the car window. Players take turns choosing something they see outside and provide the first letter of the word they have in mind. Everyone takes turns making guesses, and the person who guesses correctly starts the next round.

3- Games, Games, and More Games!
Turn the journey into an adventure by making games out of anything and everything you see outside. Children are eager to play with just a simple invitation. Here are some examples:

  • “I’ll count the black vehicles, and you count the white ones. Let’s see how many vehicles we can count until the next rest stop.”
  • “How many houses do you think there are in the next village? Care to guess?”
  • “Let’s think about the meanings of the road signs we see.”

4- Keeping A Journey Diary!
A special notebook, just for your journey 💜
You can take this notebook with you on every journey and ask your child to keep a journey diary. Bring along coloring pencils so your child can draw if they wish to. This notebook will be a sweet memory of your journey together. Until next time!

5- Kidly Can Go Wherever You Do!
After drawing maps, playing games, and keeping a diary, you might wonder, “What about the tablet?” If you want your child to have a great time with quality content, including read aloud and illustrated books, the Kidly library is always by your side!

By using the download feature, you can access books even without internet during the journey.

A collection of bedtime audiobooks may be an ideal option for your child to fall asleep while peering out of the window.

You can do a few minutes of relaxation exercises together to rest your tired bodies with Kidly’s meditation module.