Celebrate the Power of Friendship for Kids on International Friendship Day!

A Collection of 5 Books, Curated for Friendship Day

Friendship is a beautiful bond that transcends differences, and fosters compassion, empathy, and love. To celebrate this remarkable day on July 30th, we have curated an exceptional collection of heartwarming stories about friendship.

Cultivating healthy friendships is essential for children’s emotional well-being and social development. With our carefully selected content, we aim to ignite conversations between you and your child, on the value of friendship.

Discover captivating tales that highlight the joy, challenges, and adventures experienced in friendships of all kinds. These stories will captivate your child’s imagination and leave a lasting impression.

Let’s encourage kindness, inclusivity, and empathy in our communities, nurturing together a generation of compassionate individuals who embrace the beauty of friendship.

International Friendship Day Book List

Bundle of Love

Tom, Ruby, and Venus are a very happy, loving family. One day, someone new joins them—a little dog named Teddy. The attention paid to this new family member upsets Tom a little bit. But it’s not long before Tom understands that everyone in the family is special.

Hedgehog and Cactus

One day, a hedgehog, who is insecure and has no friends, meets a cactus. Hedgehog is amazed at how similar Cactus’s spines are to his own. Even though Hedgehog is afraid of everyone, he decides to trust Cactus. And on that day, a new friendship is born.

Nightingale No-tail and Pompous Peacock

Here comes the astonishingly beautiful peacock with his resplendent tail! We hear that he won’t talk to anyone in the big forest! And how about the most beautiful singer in the forest, the nightingale? Well, the news is, despite that amazing voice of hers, she isn’t going to take part in the end-of-season show. Let’s find out what the forest’s most colorful characters have been up to.

Prince Meets Lola

Prince is a happy cat who gets everything he wants. He spends his days lying in the sun, snoozing, and being given tasty morsels of food whenever he wants. One morning, a cat called Lola arrives and Prince fears that he might lose his luxuries, so he starts plotting to send her away.

Sue the Energetic Sloth!

What wouldn’t a sloth do? The answer could be very many things. For example; she wouldn’t swing from tree to tree like a monkey, or jump like a frog. Sue the sloth is a little different… She’s energetic! A fun story that embraces differences: Sue the Energetic Sloth!