Bonding over books with your kids

A wonderful opportunity to bond with your kids: become their ‘reading pal’

A wonderful opportunity to bond with your kids: become their ‘reading pal’

Research shows that reading together has a miraculous impact on laying the foundations for a solid relationship between parent and child. Wondering how?

When you read together:

  • The emotional and physical interaction between you brings you closer, contributing to your child’s social and emotional development.
  • Your presence makes it possible for your child to reflect, which in turn means they have the chance to express themselves.
  • You enter the world of a story, where you share intimate thoughts and feelings that come naturally to you both.

We’ve put together a selection of stories for you to choose from on your journey to becoming reading pals with your kids.

Lolly’s Sleepy Soup
Kids love poetry! Repeating sounds and imagery, and riddles that are fun to recite. The best time of the day to satisfy this aesthetic need, which will boost your child’s language development, is bedtime.

My Mom Won’t Eat Spinach
Well, we can’t leave it at that, and we’re left searching for alternatives. A story that will inspire you to come up with alternatives together and empathize with each other as you share the laughter. Grab your child-friendly cooking tools; we’re making spinach burgers!

The Tin Fairy and the DIY Cat House
Have Tin Fairy visit your home and spark your child’s creativity! After reading this story, a fun and creative discussion on what you can upcycle in your home, will be waiting for you.

Bundle of Love
Sharing loved ones isn’t always easy; nor is adapting to change. A touching story that will help strengthen your child in coping with new situations and emotions.

Accepting difference develops in early childhood. Through a very strong metaphor, this story will make room for discussions on understanding, acceptance, and being part of a community.

For more bonding stories, explore the carefully curated Kidly library.

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