It’s your little one’s turn to be a superhero!

Eco-warriors here to save the planet

As the temperature rises and summer vacation is in full swing, we wanted to take this opportunity to shed light on an environmental action to save our planet: Plastic Free July.

This global movement encourages individuals and communities to minimize their plastic usage and make eco-friendly choices throughout the month of July.

We understand the importance of instilling a love and respect for the environment in children from a young age. So, to celebrate Plastic Free July, we’ve curated an engaging collection of stories for kids that not only entertain but also educate them about environmental issues.

Plastic Free July offers an incredible opportunity to create lasting habits and raise eco-conscious kids. Remember, small changes today can lead to a brighter, plastic free tomorrow.

Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and inspire our little ones to become eco-warriors! Remember, storytelling is just the beginning! We encourage you to use these engaging tales as a stepping stone for further discussions and activities.

Wishing you a joyful and plastic free July!

Plastic Free July Reading: Inspiring Kids to Protect Our Planet!

Rory Recycles Everything

There was one thing Rory liked to do more than anything else in the world. Rory LOVED to recycle. ♻️ Could he make himself a bike and beat Lance the Unbeatable in a race? He may not have a bike, but he does have an old chair, a couple of planks of wood, and wheels. What more could he need?

Madam Plum’s Extraordinary House

Can you have a sustainable house? 🌱 Everything in Madam Plum’s house has been designed for this very purpose! A fun slide for raindrops, a hotel to house seeds, a café for the bees, and much, much more. If something no longer does what it was made to do, it can be changed, recycled, and put to another use. ♻️ Come on—let’s take a tour around this unique home! An inspirational story for children on the theme of sustainability.

A Polar Bear Kai Protests

If a polar bear lost his way because of the melting icebergs and found himself at a climate crisis protest, what would he choose as his rallying cry? This is what happens to the polar bear Kai. 🐻‍❄️ When Kai hears activists shouting, “IT’S NEVER BEEN THIS HOT BEFORE!” and “THE ICEBERGS ARE MELTING!”, Kai plucks up the courage and shouts, “FREE AND LIMITLESS SALMON FOR ALL POLAR BEARS!” 🪧

Flora’s Secret Plan to Save the World

Flora has a secret plan: to save the world! To put her plan into action, Flora intends to get hold of some of her Grandma’s fans and asks her teacher, Mr. Kahoon, for help. In this fun, informative story, we’ll discover what global warming is and how we can stop it. 🦸

The Tin Fairy and the DIY Cat House

Bella and her cat Luna decide to make a house for the cats who live outside. The Tin Fairy—a toy robot Bella has made from recyclable materials—hears this and comes to life: He begins to move around and even to talk! The story of Bella, Luna, and the Tin Fairy, who create wonders out of waste, will inspire both children and adults. 😻