Kids need me time, too!

A wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy one’s own company.

A wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy one’s own company: Kids need me time, too!

Experts recommend that children are given time to be alone and unwind too. A routine me time can support your child’s social and emotional development, in a number of ways.

By helping them understand …

  • Being alone is a natural state, and a positive one. It is not the same as being lonely, and it is not a negative experience.
  • There is great pleasure in things done in solitude; whether it be play, reading, or watching the clouds.
  • Solitude has meditative powers. It gives one time to reflect, think and focus on one’s self.

We’ve put together a selection of stories to grant your child the gift of solitude.

Amana’s Paper Springtime
Impatiently, Amana awaits the arrival of spring. She keeps herself busy while she waits, creating her very own springtime from paper. Read the story to find out exactly why and how!

Damla and Bamboo
“What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Are you ready to do some deep listening with Bamboo the cat? Read to find out about sensing and listening as Bamboo shares her sonic world with Damla.

Taking a Break
Taking a Break tells a story about the value of living in the moment from a child’s perspective. For everyone who needs to slow down, take a break, and enjoy being in the moment.

The Elephant and the Child
A dreamlike walk through the streets of a village, accompanied by a child and an elephant. A story about accepting, expressing, and spending time with our negative emotions.

The Only Meerkat on Earth
We all have moments when the world around us fades away, and we’d very much rather be alone. Join this meerkat for some fun me time in the desert.