Snuggle up for Kidly’s Holiday Reads

The holiday season is a wonderful time for more heartwarming family moments!

What do Kidly’s festive stories have to share with their readers? 

Explore our reading list to prepare for the meaningful conversations you’ll have with your kiddos after delving into the world of Kidly’s Holiday Reads! 

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and evenings spent snuggled up with your loved ones.

Fly, Pookie, Fly! 
On this very special night, discover the meaning of friendship with Pookie, and why it’s so important to keep trying. Pookie can’t go to gather food with his family, because he doesn’t know how to fly yet. But after he meets a reindeer, this red cardinal will go farther than he ever imagined. With a little help from Comet, do you think Pookie will learn how to fly?

The Patterns of a Snowflake
The pattern of a snowflake is as unique as a human fingerprint. This New Year’s Eve, glide through the air and passed windows, peering in at different homes to celebrate diversity. A serene winter story that encourages us to reflect on the qualities that make each of us unique and special.

A New Year’s Fire for Zeus
There are certain good-byes that suddenly come to our mind on special days. But we can appreciate the value of loving and being loved over and over again, by reading the story of Zeus. A heartwarming story to cherish the feeling of belonging and the happiness of trusting again.

The New Year Countdown 
If your kids are certain they’ll be up until midnight, get ready for a marathon! On this extra special night when bedtime rules are bent, we witness a child’s sweet exhaustion. An entertaining poem full of fun tips for all those children who will be on a mission to stay awake and celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

A New Year Wish for the World 
Is New Year celebrated the same way in the northern and southern hemispheres? A New Year Wish for the World allows us to take a glimpse into the New Year’s traditions and celebrations of different cultures. As different as our practices may be, we’ll find that our wishes are quite alike. Let’s send our best wishes to the whole world together!

Our warmest greetings, wishing you many heartwarming family moments in the