Your Child May Be a Budding Philosopher! 🧐

For the parents of those kids who just can't stop asking questions.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s your little one’s incessant curiosity soaring! 🚀

If your bright young star has been shooting questions at you faster than light, worry not, you might just be living with a young Socrates!

Kids often unknowingly practice the Socratic dialog – an enlightening practice named after the renowned thinker, Socrates. At its core, this method aims to learn and understand through an iterative process of asking questions. Lots of them!

So, next time you’re hit with a barrage of “why”s, instead of a head-scratch, we suggest you share a high-five! 🙌 After all, your child is not just growing up, but also developing vital skills like critical thinking, questioning, and empathy, all through these never-ending queries.

But hey, why stop there? Let’s turn this spark into a wildfire of wisdom with our fabulous “Philosophy for Kids” series. 📚

Yes, you heard that right! The inquisitive mind is always ready for more questions, more answers – alright, let’s be honest, mostly more questions!

To help fuel their intellectual growth, Kidly is thrilled to present our “Philosophy for Children” books. With these, your young ones can engage with the thoughts of renowned philosophers, seek answers to deep questions, and enhance their logical thinking ability.

Philosophy for kids? Absolutely! Let’s make thinking a thrilling adventure, shall we? ️🧠⚡️

The “One Philosopher, One Question” series is only available on Kidly. Download the Kidly app to listen and read along.